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All You Need To Know About the US President’s Student Loan Program

Millions of American people can now benefit from a student loan repayment plan.

The program cuts down monthly bills to 10 percent of their income and exempts the debt after 20 years of payments. Not up until recently, this was only applicable to those who didn’t have a huge income corresponding to their debt and those who were able to acquire their loans after the year 2007. The organization had made the plan available to everyone regardless of income and time that the loan was acquired.

Not everyone can be a good fit for these plans. Take these things into consideration:

Loans that are eligible: If your federal loan is not in default, then you are eligible.

Payments every month: The computation is based on how much you earn above 150 percent of the federal poverty level. If you have a very low income, it is possible you would not be paying anything until your earnings will increase.

It is essential to update your financial information annually so you can pay more, once your pay have also increased. Take note that as your salary increases or decreases, it would affect the amount you have to pay.

Forgiveness of debt: After 20 years of loan payments and you still have a balance, the remaining amount will be disregarded. After your balance was erased, this amount could have a bearing on your income and put you in a bigger tax bracket.

When your plan is already income-driven: You can switch plans despite having an older income-driven plan. You have to be aware that any unpaid interest will be an additional amount to your loan principal and result to higher interest accrual. When you try to consolidate your old bank loans in order to apply for the new program, your past payments that were made while you were on that income based plan, will not be counted to the time frame that is required to qualify you for forgiveness.

Conditions for graduate debt: If you have a loan for graduate school, you would need to pay payments for 25 years which is longer than the normal time of 20 years if you want the balance to be forgiven. This is so that the end cost of wiping away the debt of grad students will be lowered, since they also tend to borrow a bigger amount.

Penalty for matrimony: Those borrowers who marry cannot lower the amount of their payments by not including their spouse’s income, except if they are separated or are victims of domestic abuse.

How to sign up: You have choices on how to sign up. Apply online and also send your tax return information electronically. If you prefer a paper application, you can inquire from your student loan servicer.

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