Want “Green” Cleaning? Call for Janitorial Services in Seattle

If you’re an owner of multiple office buildings, health care facilities, financial institutions or governmental offices you’re faced with deciding which company you’ll hire to clean them. If you’re like many other employers you may think that moving in the “green cleaning” direction to do your company’s part in saving the environment will cost your business too much, while on the other side of the coin is the cost to your company if you don’t go green. Pollution in the form of dust mites, dirt, dander, molds and other forms of bacteria that form just from having so many people in the same area at all times can all be eliminated by using cleaners that won’t harm workers.

The Janitorial services seattle businesses call upon to clean their buildings use green cleaning methods and when making cost comparisons, can actually save money. Saving money means more profits because you’ll see less missed work days, simply because workers feel better. The use of chemicals in cleaning products can aggravate allergy symptoms and asthma in workers causing them to miss work. Another fact to consider if you own a building and you rent out office space to tenants is that more people than you might expect are also environmentally conscious and they would rather rent from someone who hires janitorial services utilizing green cleaning methods.

An educational facility with many teachers and students will benefit greatly when chemicals are not used. Most people don’t realize how many chemicals enter the skin and that just by students placing their arm on a desk that was cleaned with a chemical can have a detrimental effect on them. Little ones eating on tables and coming into contact with everything that was chemically cleaned in the room can also suffer allergic reactions. Making a natural choice in the way you want your space in the building cleaned is very important.

Contact one of the services and ask for a quote on the cost of having your facility cleaned the “green” way. Once you choose this type of cleaning, after six months have gone by, check your records of absenteeism within your work force and compare them with absenteeism of six months prior. You’ll most likely find there have been less missed days since doing away with chemicals used in cleaning. Your profits will outweigh the cost of the cleaning service.