The Importance of Keeping Storm Drains Clean

Just as homeowners should keep their home gutters systems clean, the same holds true for municipal storm drains. These drains provide important benefits that cannot be enjoyed if they are clogged with leaves and other debris. Here are some examples of why keeping a storm drain dade county clear and clean makes such a difference.

Draining Rainwater Off Roadways

One of the single most important reasons to keep the drains clear is they provide the means of preventing rainwater from building up on streets and other types of roadways. Think of what it means when the drains are clogged and water backs up on the street. Vehicles will have a harder time determining where the street ends and the sidewalk begins. In addition, slicker road conditions increase the potential for accidents.

The dangers are not just to people driving vehicles. Individuals who rely mainly on bicycles to get around will find it tough going in terms of trying to stay in a submerged bike lane. Like cars, keeping control of a bicycle when driving through the backed up water can be risky. Pedestrians will also find it hard to cross streets or even use sidewalks if the water has backed up and is currently covering the pavement.

The Buildup of Debris

When the drains are not maintained adequately, that also means debris can collect and make the problem worse. As water flows toward the drain, but cannot enter the structure efficiently, anything swept along with that water will collect on and around the drain grid. The result is trash and other debris that could include sharp objects. That is the last thing a pedestrian needs.

The bottom line is that proper maintenance of storm drains is something that benefits the entire community. When a citizen notices a drain is clogged, it certainly helps to use a rake of similar device to remove any debris that is impeding the flow of water into the drain. At the same time, it helps to report the problem to city officials, since the underlying cause for the blockage may go deeper than the surface.