The Bible Is Full of Hope and Inspiration

Reading the Bible is one of the best ways for you to grow closer to God. When you read the Bible on a regular basis, you are filled with strength and encouragement. When you fail to read your Bible, your faith can begin to falter and tough times can be harder to deal with. It is important you are reading your Bible a few times a week. Most people find reading some scripture each morning helps to start their day off in a good way.

Tips for Reading the Bible

There are many verses you will come across that speak to your heart while you are reading the Bible. When you come across these verses, it can help to either highlight them or even write them down on note cards. When you read these verses on a regular basis, you will quickly find you are easily able to memorize them. Memorizing verses is beneficial in many ways and allows you to have a source of encouragement, even when you are not able to stop and read your Bible. This is why God says to hide his word in your heart.

One of the best areas of the Bible to find inspiration in, is Psalms. Psalms is full of stories of victory and praise. These verses are usually easier for many people to understand, so this is a good starting point if you are just getting used to reading God’s word.

To make it easier to keep up with your Bible reading, there are many reading plans you can follow. You can find these plans in book form and online, to make it convenient. There are also some phone apps that will send you several verses to read a day. This goes straight to your phone, so it makes it easier than ever for you to find the time to read up on scriptures.

To find inspiring verses to keep you encouraged, visit This is a great source for helping you to develop a love of reading God’s word. The verses are categorized, to help you find exactly the ones you need to read.