Social Host Liability Laws Allow Drunk Driving Accident Victims To Sue Private Party Hosts For Liability Damages.

Drunk driving laws have become much more strict over the years. 40 years ago, a person caught driving drunk may have been escorted home by an officer. Now, if you are pulled over or cause an accident and you are discovered to be intoxicated, you can spend time in jail, pay large amounts in fines, have your license suspended, attend AA meetings and take classes about alcoholism. Jail time could also be in your future. With the changes in laws pertaining to drunk driving, many states are now including Social Host Liability Laws. Not only can the driver that caused an accident be sued, but in many states, so can the host of a party. The laws that surround drunk driving allow very little margin for tolerance.

In many states, when you have a party and one of your guests have enjoyed themselves a bit much due to alcohol consumption, you are responsible for them when the leave. If you hand someone a drink, knowing they are a little bit tipsy or blatantly drunk, you are liable if they cause an accident. If you host a dinner party, graduation party or wedding reception and one of your guests leaves drunk and causes an accident, you can be sued as a third party in the accident. Dram shop laws apply to bars, restaurants and liquor stores. The owners or bartenders are considered to be first party liable. Social Host Liability Laws hold the party hosts third party liable.

Drunk or impaired drivers have injured and killed thousands of loved ones every year. With stricter laws the number of drunk driving accidents has reduced dramatically. However, even one life lost or devastated by a drunk driver, is one life too many. The new laws are going to the source of the drinking, from shop owners to party hosts. Whatever the occasion, driving while drunk or allowing someone else to drive drunk is a volatile combination. If you find yourself involved in a drunk driving accident where you or a loved one has been hurt by a drunk driver, contact the Berman Law Group for legal counsel. They will fight for you interpreting the laws surrounding drunk drivers and the Social Host Liability Laws. Drinking and driving are a dangerous and expensive combination, so is serving alcohol to an intoxicated guest.