Recycling Keeps Paper Products Out Of Our Landfills

Over the years we tend to accumulate quite a few out-of-date items within our homes, and at least once a year a new phone book shows up in our mailbox or at our doorstep. Since businesses change locations and contact information, it’s easy to make the mistake of using an outdated book, and then you have to wonder what to do with the old one. It would be easy to just let the outdated books pile up in your kitchen counter or office, but thankfully there is a much better way. If you check your yellow book phone book for recycling information, you may find a list of ways to get it recycled, or you can also find a local recycling bin that is designated for old books.

When you stop to consider the sheer volume of paper that each of these books contains, it’s easy to picture just how much they would take in a landfill. As we are becoming more aware of the effect of throwing away recyclables, and as we aim to become better stewards of our resources and our environment, it’s important that people understand that recycling is easy and doesn’t have to cost a thing. If you already have weekly or biweekly curbside recycling that accepts mixed paper products, you can simply drop it into the bin to be picked up. If that option isn’t available to you, then you can check online at the website for your local solid waste disposal site for more detailed information. In addition to finding out more about recycling phone books, you’ll have a wide array of information at your fingertips about recycling other common household items like glass, plastic, and paper, as well as items like old electronics and other potentially hazardous items.

You could choose to make it a community effort, and help notify your neighbors about these services, which will help reduce the amount of items cluttering up our living spaces, as well as reducing the amount of paper products in our landfills, which help us environmentally as well as economically. So, the next time you get a new phone book, grab the old one and make sure that it gets to the proper destination so that it can be properly recycled.