Protect Yourself With The Best Criminal Defense Available

Criminal charges against a person have the power to turn a normal life completely upside down. Not only is a person’s reputation at risk, but the cost fighting the charges and possible jail time can lead to loss of a career and even a family. A Utah Criminal Defense Attorney has the best knowledge and experience to fight for the defendant against all criminal charges in the state of Utah.

There are several categories of crimes upon which each fall under; local, state or federal jurisdiction. The crimes can range from misdemeanors, such as a DUI/DWI and moving traffic violations which are usually not as severe unless someone is hurt, to felonies which carry the most severe penalties. Having experienced and knowledgeable legal representation can mean the difference between long prison terms and huge fines, to a case being reduced or dismissed altogether.

Being charged with a misdemeanor could mean jail time and fines of up to $2,500. If the defendant is accused of a felony, then a term at the state prison could be in store. Having an attorney that has practiced for more than 25 years and understands the legal system well, can help the defendant get by with a lesser sentence or managed to even get a case dropped due to mistakes made by law enforcement.

When a person is arrested, a phone call can be made to an attorney. The attorney will meet with the accused and discuss the case. Then they will attend a preliminary hearing, which is when the judge will determine if there is enough evidence or probable cause to move forward. It is at this hearing that the judge may find that there is not enough evidence and dismiss the case. However, if there is, then the arraignment stage begins. The defendant is made aware of charges, makes a plea of guilty or not guilty and bail may or may not be set, depending on the severity of the crime. A trial date will also be set and it will be time for the lawyer to roll up his sleeves and design the best defense possible for the case.

The outcome of the case relies heavily on how well the attorney researches and presents the case in court. If your life and livelihood were on the line, wouldn’t you want the best, aggressive and knowledgeable lawyer on your side? Of course you would.