How to Attract Prospects at the Trade Show

How amazing is your product and how much time and money did you spend on developing it? When it comes to talking about your product at the trade show, you have to be prepared to showcase the features of your product and explain why it works. You have to watch the word you use, and you cannot let the tone of your voice put people to sleep. You have to be excited. If you are excited about your product, and it shows in your voice and words, prospects are more likely to get excited too. However, it is not unusual for someone to leave a tradeshow booth and have questions later no matter how grand your presentation was. That is why you need to have a competitive edge when it comes to marketing. Your edge will come from not giving away your business cards that can easily become lost. Instead, give each prospect something that they can put to use right away. That something is a water bottle that will feature your business’s name, your name and telephone number. You can get more information by going to

When people travel to work or go for a walk in the park, it is not uncommon to see them carrying around a water bottle. For this reason, your promotional gift will be useful, and each prospect will recall your booth when they use it. If they have any questions, concerns or if they want to place an order, they will have the information they need to contact you. They will also be helping you to brand your business’s name simply by using the water bottle.

You need to decide what you want on the water bottles and how many to order. Because trade shows attract a lot of prospects, it is better to over-estimate than to be caught short-handed. No one wants to be left out when it comes to receiving a gift at your booth, and it could attract prospects to your booth that might have otherwise never stopped to find out about your product. So, keep this in mind and place your order today.