Alternative Search Engines Can Be The Key To Efficient Pay Per Click Advertising

The advent of the internet has changed the ways in which we conduct both business and personal research. Consumers no longer have to consult newspapers, magazines and library reference materials to learn about the products they which to buy. All it takes is the ability to find the right words which can be placed into an active search engine. It is for these reasons that Google has been one of the most popular places for marketers to place their “pay per click” advertising.

However, other competitive search engines like MSN’s Bing also have their charms. If you have wondered why bing matters for PPC perhaps you need to understand the success of Google’s biggest online competitor. While the phrase “to Google” has become synonymous with online research, studies have found that at last one of three searches are accomplished using Bing or other smaller search engines. When you ignore over one third of your market share, you have lost a large share of your online audience and their buying power.

The fact that these internet viewers choose to use Bing, means that you have a far better chance of obtaining their undivided attention. Paid advertisements on the Bing search engine that attract their attention have a high ratio of clicks. Marketing professionals need to understand that they will lose out on large segments of their audience if their focus remains only with the Google AdWords program.

It is also noteworthy to mention that email programs such as hotmail return users to the MSN web page, with Bing as their search browser. Often consumers will immediately follow through using a search engine after checking their email, reading news publications or feature articles online. By placing your PPC ads on Bing, you are merely following their attention span with a path towards their natural interests.

Another important point for marketing teams to recognize is the cost of placing your PPC ads. With lower CPC or “cost per click” rates, you can deliver a better return on your marketing and advertising investment. The CPC rates on Bing, Yahoo and smaller search engines are considerably lower than that charged by Google. With this in mind, you have the tools for a more financially advantageous online media plan.